FLA Boys 

Alright guys so  I’m super excited!  This is first Brand I’ll get to expose you guys to. The brand is called FLA boys™ as you can see it is Florida based, specifically these guys are located in Jacksonville,Fl. I enjoy watching others rep their hometown in a way that makes it look appealing & unique to someone who may not be from the area you’d be surprise of culture difference & these guys did a nice job of doing that through sweet & simple design. I asked Tyson Wright (one of the members of the business) to explain to me what exactly is FLA boys™ about, he said “Florida boys clothing is an up and coming lifestyle brand out of Jacksonville, FL that not only makes clothing but creates and supports all forms Florida culture. Including but not limited to photography, music, graphic design, and contemporary art just to name a few.” If you guys are interested in purchasing the items or just want to check them out I’ve created a URL that will navigate you straight to them: FLABoys also don’t forget comment comment comment ! I love to know what you guys think, as always I thank you all so much for riding with me ❤️ Stay Solid. 


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