I’m so excited to say that Solid is finaaaally here!!!!! I have so much in store for you guys, I just want to start by giving you all a brief intro on what Solid is and what it means pertaining to the blog. Solid is a fashion blog created to expose different brands/styles/trends throughout the urban world, my goal is to create looks of my own in hopes to inspire others while also giving you updates on the latest brands out there ranging from local to mainstream. I would like to get feedback from you guys as often as possible so always feel free to leave comments/ideas/ect below each post. Now on to the nitty gritty, the term Solid means to be strong and stable or what I like to call “Brick Made”. In the society we currently live in it is almost imperative to be strong and have stability no matter what. There’s so much around us constantly altering our way of thinking and our actions, but if we are Solid we can never fall victim to anything less than greatness. With that being said I hope my blog will uplift the hearts & minds of my viewers in the most positive way possible. Thank you all so much for being apart of my movement. 


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