New Brand Alert! CJK™ is also a Florida based brand, & these guys have done an incredible job at allowing the street/hiphop culture influence their designs. I immediately thought “What a unique way to relate with others who share the same interest or lifestyle.” But I won’t go any further with my thoughts instead I’ve asked the founder Calvin Kimble to give you all an introduction to his brand. 

 “CJK is Jacksonville Urban StreetWear Apparel particularly influenced by the young creative culture of Trap Music. I want to be a mouth piece for a culture as my predecessors were for theirs. THROUGH THE work I create, I Want to convey ideas from my point of view and hopefully get people to understand and love the culture as I do.”

Calvin is also apart of The Legacy™ where he & Dj Blue (who is also apart of CJK) work with different music artist, producers, models, djs, and more. Calvin shows much gratitude to his team who has helped him mold his brand into what it is now. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts/questions and if you guys are interested in purchasing some CJK™ click the link here : CJK 


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