I am currently exploring my options… When I started my blog I thought I wanted to have a specific audience, but now I find myself getting frustrated. I’m constantly thinking of ideas and having to rule a lot of them out because the ideas don’t fit the decorum of Solid™. With that being said I’m working on expanding and bringing more to Solid™, I wanna give it some “umph”. I’ve created my own contraints by choosing to work with just street wear brands. I want to inspire you! Fashion is so much more than clothing. Fashion is an industry… It’s history, culture, and art too. Shame on me for limiting you guys there’s a plethora of things to explore within fashion. I will still include local and upcoming brands, I love to shed light on the talent of others. However I want Solid™ to be the blog you go to when you want to read some good shit. I knew I’d run into a gazillion road blocks while creating my blog and trying to get it off the ground; and I don’t see myself prevailing at this point but I’m not defeated. This is what I’ve dedicated my life to so I’ve got an “by any means necessary” attitude, as any of you should about whatever your passion maybe. Once again I want you all to be inspired. Just as I am going after my dreams, I encourage you all to do the same. There are no limits on what you can achieve. Sometimes you have to reconstruct to build a solid foundation. 


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